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Monday, October 11, 2010

Burn After Reading

I was originally hoping to hold off on torching the trailer's "innards" until after I was completely finished, but with the burn pile growing bigger thanks to some scrap from my parents I thought I'd better get rid of it before winter. You can probably also see what looks like good firewood in there too. Far from it, this was some rotten wood from a tree my cousin had cut down in her yard. Decent for a bonfire like this, but not much else.

As you can also see it is a nice sunny day. I think this is our first one in weeks. We've had rain like I've never seen before. Apparently the far reaching effects of Hurricane Igor that hit Newfoundland. Many people in Eastern Ontario had basements flooded and lots of water damage. Our sump-pump was running pretty much non-stop, but did it's job perfectly. We did have rain pooling in our fireplace though. Should take a look into that.

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